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Today’s challenges – Tomorrow's research and teaching

The 21st century faces numerous challenges: global warming, population explosion, food security and dwindling fossil fuel reserves are the crises of our time. Addressing these challenges will require cutting-edge research – both fundamental and applied. As a discipline encompassing this entire spectrum of issues, from food production to the supply of biogenetic raw materials through to the preservation of livable environments, the life sciences will play a leading role in these efforts.


DNA analysis for disease prevention in breeding populations: Scientists identify cause of growth disorder in cattle

Young cattle that barely grow or gain weight despite normal feed intake: while relatively rare, this growth disorder occasionally affects the Fleckvieh breed. Thanks to comprehensive DNA analysis, researchers have succeeded in...[more]

Wood pellets: As oil prices rise, more and more wood is used for fuel (Photo: R. Rosin / TUM). 27.04.2015
Build or burn? Competition for wood on the rise

Wood is becoming an increasingly popular raw material – and not just in the construction sector. More and more private households and municipal authorities are also using wood for heating. All of which is driving competition for...[more]

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