Many of the study programs offered at School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan address issues of global importance, have a long tradition and history - German forestry is considered the cradle of sustainability- and exhibit a high level of interdisciplinarity.

In the last few years, we have established four study programs taught exclusively in English:

The master program Horticultural Science has twice received the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus award, in 2008 and 2013. This honor is awarded for international master’s degree programs which raise the quality of European university edu­cation and promote intercultural exchange.

The international studies are coordinated and supervised by special coordinators. For all other master programs, please contact the academic coordinator to find out if a sufficient portfolio of modules/lectures is available in English to allow a degree study.

Double Degree

The master program Renewable Resources is offered in co-operation with the Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (BoKu). There is a double degree agreement between the universities.

Academic Coordinators:

Agricultural/Horticultural Sciences –
General - Dr. Susanne Papaja (susanne.papaja[at]

Horticultural Science, Master
Dr. Sybille Michaelis (hortsci[at]

Life Science Economics and Policy, Master –
Lena Schickramm (lena.schickramm[at]
Dr. Getachew Abate Kassa (getachew.abate[at]

Dr. Michael Scharmann (michael.scharmann[at]
Dr. Astrid Bauer (a.bauer[at]

Brewing and Food Technologie
Daniela Pothmann (daniela.pothman[at] )
Roman Werner (roman.werner[at] )

Nutrition Science-
General – Dr. Sabine Köhler (s.koehler[at]

Nutrition and Biomedicine, Master –
Dr. Kai Hartwig  (nutritionsciences[at]

Forestry and Resource Management –
General – Klara Abt (klara.abt[at]

Sustainable Resource Management, Master –
Renate van Beek (beek[at]

Landscape Architecture and Planning –
Andreas Dittrich (andreas.dittrich[at]
Dipl.Ing. Andreas Printz (aprintz[at]