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Delegate Officers and Representatives

Environmental and Resource Management Delegate WZW (only available in German)
Dr. Hans Jürgen Reents
Ecological Cultivation
Alte Akademie 12
85354 Freising
Phone +49.8161.71.3778
Fax +49.8161.71.3031

Data Security Officer WZW
Ernst Peter
Alte Akademie 8
85354 Freising
Phone +49.8161.71.3494
Fax +49.8161.71.3900
Email peter[at]

Deputy Data Security Officer WZW
Ralf Kossul
Maximus-von-Imhof-Forum 3
85354 Freising
Phone +49.8161.71.3244
E-Mail kossul[at]

International Affairs Delegate WZW
Prof. Dr. Dieter Langosch
Biopolymer Chemistry
Weihenstephaner Berg 3
85354 Freising

Medical Officers
Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude
Maximus-von-Imhof-Forum 6, room HU40
85354 Freising
Phone +49.8161.71.3908

Dr. med. Andrea Dietlmeier
Email betriebsarzt[at]

Dr. med. Gabriele Hohmann
Email betriebsarzt[at]
Consultation hours: tuesdays und fridays from von 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Gender Equality Officer WZW
Prof. Dr. Aphrodite Kapurniotu
Peptide Biochemistry
Emil-Erlenmeyer-Forum 5
85354 Freising
Phone +49.8161.71.3542
Fax +49.8161.71.3298
Email akapurniotu[at]

Deputy Gender Equality Officers WZW
Prof. Dr. Iris Antes
Protein Modelling
Emil-Erlenmeyer-Forum 8
85354 Freising
Phone +49.8161.71.2242

Dr.-Ing. Susanne Kuschel
Brewing and Beverage Technology
Weihenstephaner Steig 20
85354 Freising
Phone +49.8161.71.4410
Fax +49.8161.71.3883

Dr. Sabine von Tucher
Plant Nutrition
Emil-Ramann-Str. 2
85354 Freising
Phone +49.8161.71.5084
Fax +49.8161.71.4500

Animal Welfare Officer
Dr. med. vet. Sigrid Kisling
Nutrition and Immunology
Phone +49.8161.71.2019
Fax +49.8161.71.2824

Dr. med. vet. Heike Kliem
TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan
Phone +49.8161.9868442
Fax +49.8161.8060909
E-Mail kliem[at]

Disabled Persons Officer
Vera Bork
Plant Breeding
Emil-Ramann-Straße 4 , room 4218
85354 Freising
Phone +49.8161.71.3422
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Other TUM delegate officers and representatives