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Thank you for your interest in the Technische Universität München and the programs and study courses offered by our school.

Before you apply, we hope that you take/took some time to learn about the programs we offer and make sure you obtain all necessary information from the website of the study program division or your program coordinator/advisor.

You will find below a list of all programs offered by the Study Program Divisions at the TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan which gives you an overview regarding e.g. the admission and selection method, the language of instruction and if you can enter into the program only in winter or in summer as well.

EfV = Aptitude Assessment Bachelor's Programs
EV = Aptitude Assessment Master'sPrograms
NC = Numerus Clausus
WS = Winter Term
SoSe = Summer Term

ProgramDegreeDurationLanguageStartAdmission/Selection Method
studium naturaleCertificate2 TermsGermanWSinternal selection
Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences
Agricultural and Horticultural SciencesB.Sc.6 TermsGermanWSEfV
Renewable ResourcesB.Sc.6 TermsGermanWSEfV
AgrimanagementM.Sc.4 TermsGermanWS/ SoSeEV
Agricultural ScienceM.Sc.4 TermsGermanWS/ SoSeEV
Horticultural MangementM.Sc.4 TermsGermanWS/ SoSeEV
Horticultural ScienceM.Sc.4 TermsEnglishWS/ SoSeEV
Life Science Economics and PolicyM.Sc.4 TermsGermanWSEV
Renewable ResourcesM.Sc.4 TermsGermanWS/ SoSeEV
BiologieB.Sc.6 TermsGermanWSEfV
Molecular BiotechnologyB.Sc.6 TermsGermanWS EfV
BiologyM.Sc.4 TermsGermanWS/ SoSeEV
Molecular BiotechnologyM.Sc.4 TermsEnglishWS/ SoSeEV
Brewing and Food Technology
Bioprocess EngineeringB.Sc.6 TermsGermanWSno restriction
Brewing Technology Dipl. Brau-meister7 TermsGermanWS no restriction
Brewing and Beverage TechnologyB.Sc.6 TermsGermanWSno restriction
Food Technology and BiotechnolgoyB.Sc.6 TermsGermanWS no restriction
Pharmaceutical Bioprocess EngineeringM.Sc.4 TermsGermanWS EV
Brewing and Beverage TechnologyM.Sc.4 TermsGermanWS EV
Food Technology and BiotechnolgoyM.Sc.4 TermsGermanWS EV
Nutrition ScienceB.Sc.6 TermsGermanWSN.C.
Food ChemistryM.Sc.4 TermsGermanWSEV
Nutrition and BiomedicineM.Sc.4 TermsEnglishWSEV
Forest Science and Resource Management
Forestry Science and Resource ManagementB.Sc.6 TermsGermanWSno restriction
Forestry and Wood ScienceM.Sc.4 TermsGermanWS EV
Sustainable Resource ManagementM.Sc.4 TermsEnglishWS EV
Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning
Landscape Architecture and Landscape PlanningB.Sc. 8 TermsGermanWSEfV
Environmental Planning and Engineering EcologyM.Sc.4 TermsGermanWS/ SoSeEV
Landscape Planning, Ecology and Nature ConservationM.Sc.2 TermsGermanWS EV

For all programs you apply online via the portal TUMonline where you create an account which will thereafter be your destination for information during the selection process and beyond. To access TUMonline click here.The electronic applicant assistant guides you through the application process step by step. After having sent your application ONLINE please do not forget to also send BY MAIL the signed printout of the application form together with all required documents to the Matriculation Office of Technische Universität München in Arcisstrasse 21, D 80333 München.


·         15 May - 15 July for Bachelor Programs

·         Master Programs starting in Winter Term:

January 1 thru May 31 for international study programs as well as for study programs in the Study Program Division Forest Science and Resource Management and in the Study Program Division Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning

April 1 thru May 31 for all others

·         Master Programs starting in Summer Term:

August 1 thru December 31 for international study programs as well as for study programs in the Study Program Division Forest Science and Resource Management and in the Study Program Division Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning

November 1 thru December 31 for all others


Make sure you carefully read the Information for Application at TUM before you start your application.

  • For programs with aptitude assessment please follow this HERE
  • International Applicants please read this HERE


We are looking forward to receiving your application!