Enteric nerves of patients with irritable bowel syndrome have reduced sensitivity

For the first time, biopsies of patients with irritable bowel syndrome have shown that the nerves in their gut wall respond poorly to a cocktail of inflammatory substances. This refutes the previous theory that patients with...[more]


The Status Quo on Europe’s Mussels: First study on freshwater mussel stocks in 26 European countries

Mussels are the natural treatment plants of bodies of water and, therefore, just as important as bees. Unfortunately, they are equally threatened: most of the world’s mussel stocks are in decline and some species face extinction....[more]


Monitoring farmland biodiversity costs less than you think

Assessment of plant species in a maize field in Bavaria (Credit: Sebastian Wolfrum / TUM)

How can we monitor Europe-wide farmland biodiversity so that it makes sense to farmers, is ecologically credible and still is affordable? An international team of researchers including the Chair of Organic Agriculture and...[more]


Waters are more polluted than tests say

The scientists observed several species in the contaminated water body, including the less standard species for these tests, such as mini-snails and copepods. (Photo: Simone Hasenbein)

Bodies of water are “sinks”, and thereby bind contaminants particularly well. If even slightly toxic concentrations in water are to be detected, the growth and swimming behavior of small crustaceans, mini-snails and copepods...[more]


Prestigious award for deciphering proteome

Professor Bernhard Küster during his talk at the HUPO Discovery in Proteomic Sciences Award 2015 ceremony (image: Jon Benjamin)

Professor Bernhard Küster from the Chair of Proteomics and Bioanalytics at the Technische Universität München (TUM) has won this year’s HUPO Discovery in Proteomic Sciences Award for his research on the deciphering of the human...[more]


Mini-intestine grown in a test tube

The ability to grow three-dimensional precursors of an organ from stem cells in a Petri dish has brought about a revolution in the field of biomedicine. But exactly what can be researched on such an organoid in vitro? A team from...[more]

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