Thousands on one chip: New Method to study Proteins

Protein microarrays like this allow the investigation of thousands of proteins in a single experiment. Microarrays are only a few centimeters in size and host thousands of individual test spots on very small space. (Photo: TUM/Falter-Braun)

Since the completion of the human genome an important goal has been to elucidate the function of the now known proteins: a new molecular method enables the investigation of the function for thousands of proteins in parallel....[more]


Gene mutation causes juvenile mortality in calves

Based on genome data, breeders and scientists are able to determine which hereditary factors and which genetic diseases cattle pass on to their offspring. A mutation located on chromosome 19, for example, is responsible for...[more]


Significant humus loss in forests of the Bavarian Alps

Alpine forests will be at great risk should weather phenomena such as droughts and torrential rain become more frequent. As a study by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) shows, the mountain forests of the Bavarian Alps have...[more]


Researchers present new aspects of land use for Ecuador: Environment protection, profit and safety through mosaic cultivation

Researchers present new aspects of land use for Ecuador. (Photo: Julia Adams / Uni Bayreuth)

How must a landscape be utilized in order to fulfil both ecological and socio-economical requirements? This question has been answered by an international research team with the participation of the Technical University Munich...[more]


Even moderate zinc deficiency is bad for digestion: A diet lacking in zinc is detrimental to human and animal health

As the trace element zinc only exists in small amounts in an organism, it has to be consumed by way of nutrition. (Photo: iStock/davidf)

The trace element zinc has an impact on the essential metabolic functions of most living organisms. New research carried out by the Chair of Animal Nutrition at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has found that even minimal...[more]


"Does beer even have to be liquid?": Interview with Professor Thomas Becker

Professor Thomas Becker testing the properties of a fresh brew in the TUM research brewery. (Photo: TUM/ A. Heddergott)

Professor Thomas Becker of the Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology at Technical University of Munich (TUM) on the discussion surrounding the Reinheitsgebot – the German beer purity law –, the latest research projects and the...[more]

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