Genetic mechanism driving obesity identified: Variation in DNA sequence increases fat storage

Fat cells in the human body. (Image: Shutterstock)

A specific gene region has long been suspected of contributing to obesity in humans but the precise mechanisms behind this were previously unclear. Now, researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Massachusetts...[more]


Plant growth requires teamwork between two hormones

Two growth-promoting groups of substances, or phytohormones, the gibberellins and the brassinosteroids, are used independently of each other for the breeding and production of crop plants. A team of scientists at Technical...[more]


DNA analysis for disease prevention in breeding populations: Scientists identify cause of growth disorder in cattle

Young cattle that barely grow or gain weight despite normal feed intake: while relatively rare, this growth disorder occasionally affects the Fleckvieh breed. Thanks to comprehensive DNA analysis, researchers have succeeded in...[more]


Build or burn? Competition for wood on the rise

Wood pellets: As oil prices rise, more and more wood is used for fuel (Photo: R. Rosin / TUM).

Wood is becoming an increasingly popular raw material – and not just in the construction sector. More and more private households and municipal authorities are also using wood for heating. All of which is driving competition for...[more]


Novel mechanism for Crohn’s disease uncovered: Bacterial communities cause inflammation of the gut

Crohn’s disease is one of a family of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). While it has already been proven to have genetic causes, scientists have now shown that the presence of certain intestinal bacteria also plays a...[more]


Food poisoning: New detection method for bacterial toxin - a multi-faceted poison

The Bacillus cereus bacteria is one of the potential causes of food poisoning. Indeed, a recent study in "Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry" shows that this versatile pathogen produces 19 different variants of a poison that...[more]

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