Fruit science: Switching between repulsion and attraction

A team of researchers based at the two Munich universities LMU and TUM has shown how temporal control of a single gene solves two problems during fruit ripening in strawberry. [more]


Wastewater treatment with the PhyscoFilter: Smart moss cleans water

Access to clean water is a basic human right – but one still denied to around 780 million people worldwide. As the pace of industrialization rapidly advances in emerging economies, drinking water is being increasingly...[more]


Major changes to the Danube ecosystem: A fast fish with a huge impact

Globalization is breaking down barriers – also for plants and animals on the lookout for new homes. Rivers are also changing, in particular through the introduction of non-native species, often brought in by passing ships. In the...[more]


WZW success - award for neurogastroenterology

The prize for neurogastroenterology of the German Society for Digestive and Metabolic Diseases (DGVS) is awarded for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of neurogastroenterology. This year one half of the award,...[more]


TUM researchers investigate 59 tumor cell lines: Typical protein profile of tumor cells decoded

How does an ordinary somatic cell become cancerous? What are the distinct characteristics of tumor cells that make them divide uncontrollably? Previously, researchers were primarily interested in mutations in DNA, which is the...[more]


New system for early detection of plant spread in water bodies: Aerial pictures reveal climate change

As a result of climate change, certain undesirable aquatic plants are starting to invade German water bodies. Even popular recreation areas like Lake Starnberg have been affected, leading to a growing need to monitor the spread...[more]

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