More sustainable way to brew beer: Non-stop fermentation saves recources

Is it possible to increase the energy efficiency of brewing? Researchers from the Technische Universität München (TUM) believe they have found a way to do just that. They have developed a fermentation process that takes place in...[more]


The mechanism behind phototropism: How do plants grow toward the light?

Plants have developed a number of strategies to capture the maximum amount of sunlight through their leaves. As we know from looking at plants on a windowsill, they grow toward the sunlight to be able to generate energy by...[more]


The molecular basis of strawberry aroma: Why strawberries smell like strawberries

You know that summer is here when juicy red strawberries start to appear on the shelves. In Germany, this seasonal fruit has never been more popular: on average 3.5 kilos per head were consumed in 2012 – a full kilogram more than...[more]


KLIMAGRAD project takes stock: How are climate change and tourism affecting the Alpine ecosystem?

Climate change is having a major impact on the Alps. Here, the increase in the mean annual temperature is more than double (1.5°C) the global average. The animal and plant species that have adapted to harsh conditions at high...[more]


World first for Bavaria: Official opening of TUM’s Beverage Research Center

Trying the "kefirade" drink: Prof. Rudi Vogel (Chair of Technical Microbiology), TUM President Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann and Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, State Minister of Sciences, Research and the Arts (left to right). (Picture: A. Heddergott/TUM)

The recently inaugurated research facility is the first of its kind in the world. Scientists from both natural sciences and engineering will use the high-tech laboratories of the “International Beverage Research Center...[more]


TUM Systems Biologist tackles fundamental questions of life

How are different protein molecules working together in the human body? And what role does the complex manner in which they are being produced play for human diseases? In collaboration with scientists in Canada and Japan, Dr....[more]

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