On the scent of a wine’s bouquet: Researchers pinpoint mechanism for aroma formation in wine

The majority of wines are produced from around 20 different types of grape, all of which have their own typical aroma. This is due to the terpenes, a diverse category of chemical substances including cholesterol and estrogen....[more]


Trees continue to grow at a faster rate: Study highlights forest growth trends from 1870 to the present

Trees have been growing significantly faster since the 1960s. The typical development phases of trees and stands have barely changed, but they have accelerated – by as much as 70 percent. This was the outcome of a study carried...[more]


Good networkers make prime targets: Pathogens specifically target multi-function proteins

Proteins form either small or large networks to perform their functions. How these protein networks are subverted by pathogens, has been investigated on a plant model by a research team headed by Technische Universität München...[more]


Zooming in for a safe flight: New study investigates spatial orientation in bats

Bats do not use sight to navigate when flying. Instead, they emit ultrasound pulses and measure the echoes reflected from their surroundings. They have an extremely flexible internal navigation system that enables them to do...[more]


Lynx population threatened by poaching: Study into the spatial distribution of lynx in eastern Bavaria

Europe’s largest wild cat has returned to the border between the Czech Republic and Germany. However, the lynx in this region live almost exclusively in two adjacent national parks – the Bavarian Forest National Park (Germany)...[more]


How steroid hormones enable plants to grow: Scientists discover key signaling path for plant development

Plants can adapt extremely quickly to changes in their environment. Hormones, chemical messengers that are activated in direct response to light and temperature stimuli help them achieve this. Plant steroid hormones similar to...[more]

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