Zooming in for a safe flight: New study investigates spatial orientation in bats

Bats do not use sight to navigate when flying. Instead, they emit ultrasound pulses and measure the echoes reflected from their surroundings. They have an extremely flexible internal navigation system that enables them to do...[more]


Lynx population threatened by poaching: Study into the spatial distribution of lynx in eastern Bavaria

Europe’s largest wild cat has returned to the border between the Czech Republic and Germany. However, the lynx in this region live almost exclusively in two adjacent national parks – the Bavarian Forest National Park (Germany)...[more]


How steroid hormones enable plants to grow: Scientists discover key signaling path for plant development

Plants can adapt extremely quickly to changes in their environment. Hormones, chemical messengers that are activated in direct response to light and temperature stimuli help them achieve this. Plant steroid hormones similar to...[more]


Whole-genome sequencing of bulls in key beef and dairy breeds

Prof. Ruedi Fries (right) und Dr. Hubert Pausch monitor sequence data of breeding cattle. (Picture: U. Benz / TUM)

An international collaboration known as the "1000 bull genomes project" aims to accelerate breeding for desired traits in beef and dairy cattle while also improving animal health and welfare. Results of the project's first phase...[more]


Organic agriculture boosts biodiversity on farmlands

Does organic farming foster biodiversity? The answer is yes, however, the number of habitats on the land plays an important role alongside the type and intensity of farming practices. These are the findings of an international...[more]


Decoding characteristic food odors: Scientists map molecular olfactory signatures of foodstuffs

The typical aromas of foodstuffs are encoded by just a few key odors. (Picture: A. Dunkel, Ch. Sturz / TUM)

How are we able to recognize foodstuffs like strawberries, coffee, barbecued meat or freshly boiled potatoes by smell alone? Foodstuffs contain more than 10,000 different volatile substances. But only around 230 of these...[more]

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