Physiology in a field trial: What happens when wild boars and fallow deer snack on genetically modified corn?

Wild boar. (Picture: / Anita Huszti)

Deer stew, roast of wild boar, venison ragout – come fall, all varieties of game are in season for gourmets. However, ever since the worldwide surge in genetically modified corn, critical consumers’ appetites have abated...[more]


Molecular biologists solve a mystery in grapevines' trans-Atlantic history: Genetic discovery could break a bottleneck for the wine industry

The EU certifies compositions of wine - grapes from North America are not desired. (Copyright: / Andrew Johnson)

One of the best known episodes in the 8000-year history of grapevine cultivation led to biological changes that have not been well understood – until now. Through biomolecular detective work, German researchers have uncovered new...[more]


Environmental research: Agricultural scientists at the TUM quantify sustainability

How do you measure sustainability? (Copyright: Uli Benz / TUM)

Environmentalists are just as fond of talking about it as are politicians, economists or marketing experts – “sustainability” has become a buzzword. The problem is that the term sustainability can refer to many things and have...[more]


Molecular sensory perception for Pilsner lovers: TUM food chemists discover bitter taste receptors for full-bodied beer delight

A cold beer is delicious - also because of the bittern. (Copyright: Tirot /

“Yuck, bitter!” – this instinctive reaction is a legacy of our evolution. Many toxic substances taste bitter to the human tongue. But so do many food products and beverages: Campari, bitter chocolate and beer would all be bland...[more]


A long running dispute about laying hens is laid to rest: Organic livestock farming contributes to reduced antibiotic resistance

"Organic hens", bathing in sand at the research station Viehhausen. (Quelle: Carmen Fahn / TUM)

Is organic livestock farming really better than battery keeping? Or is the price we pay for “happy hens” on organic farms an increased level of pathogens in eggs and hen populations? Animal hygienists of the Technische...[more]


Nutrigenomics: Tracking down the appetite of the genes

The right nutrition is also depending on our genes. (Copyright: BLE, Bonn/ Dominic Menzler)

Diet recommendations are all the rage. Magazine covers and TV commercials herald instant slimness – and lately even health through eating. Since nutrition plays a significant role in the development of diabetes, cardiovascular...[more]

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