Bilayer structural makeup of biomembranes: Pathway for membrane building blocks

Biomembranes consist of a mosaic of individual, densely packed lipid molecules. These molecules are formed inside the cells. But how do these building blocks move to the correct part of the membrane? Researchers from Technische...[more]


Breeding by genetic profile: DNA analysis helps prevent disease in animals

Fleckvieh cattle are a common sight in Bavaria, easily recognized by their brown back, white head and white tail tip. In Africa and South America the strength of the sun’s rays at those latitudes poses a particular risk of...[more]


Nanocrystals reveal damaged material: Predicting material fatigue

A small crack in a metal wheel caused Germany’s worst-ever rail accident – the 1998 Eschede train disaster. The problem: it was practically impossible to detect damage of that nature to a metal by inspecting it externally. But...[more]


Sustainable land-use concept for South America: Farming/woodland mix increases yields

In the world of agriculture, climate protection and intensive farming are generally assumed to be a contradiction in terms. At Technische Universität München, however, scientists have come up with a new land development concept...[more]


Explaining Stevia’s bitter side: Bitter taste receptors for Stevia sweeteners discovered

Stevia is regarded as a healthy alternative to sugar. Yet there are drawbacks to the Stevia products recently approved as sweeteners by the European Union. One of these is a long-lasting bitter after-taste. Scientists at...[more]


A look at tomorrow’s climate: Pollen levels are rising across Europe

From Reykjavik to Thessaloniki, pollen levels are on the increase. A team of researchers headed by Prof. Annette Menzel at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen reports that pollen counts have already risen across Europe in recent...[more]

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