No more barnyard doping tricks: A new test against anabolic steroid abuse in cattle feeding

The researchers in Weihenstephan investigate the influence of anabolic steroids on the growth of cattle. (Copyright: BLE / Thomas Stephan)

In Europe the use of anabolic steroids in livestock farming is forbidden, but nonetheless economically enticing. Consumers ultimately pay the price for abuse: residual steroids in meat can result in dangerous side effects ranging...[more]


Pest resistant maize: The natural resilience is in the genes

The defense mechanisms of maize are fortified using “Smart Breeding” in the greenhouses of the Center for Food and Life Sciences Weihenstephan. (Copyright: Alfons Gierl / TUM)

Maize (Zea mays) is among the most important food and fodder crops worldwide. However diseases and pests cause significant damage to harvests. Geneticists at the Center for Food and Life Sciences Weihenstephan (WZW) of the...[more]


Microcapsules for functional food: A milk protein wrapper protects probiotic microbes

A single microcapsule is filled with some 20,000 probiotic microbes that remain safely tucked away until they reach the intestines. (Copyright: Thomas Heidebach / TUM)

Food products should be tasty and filling – but healthy, too. In an attempt to give nature a helping hand, products are increasingly being enriched with vitamins, plant extracts or probiotics. Unfortunately, the health benefits...[more]

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