Ecological impoverishment of rivers: TUM scientists record species decline at weirs

Photo: TUM

Dams and weirs have a stronger impact on the ecosystem of watercourses than was previously realized. Species diversity in the dammed area upstream of weirs shows a significant decline: the diversity of fish species is one-quarter...[more]


Grundlagenbiologie: TUM-Forscher finden neuartigen Schalter für Resistenz gegen Pflanzenkrankheiten

Der Echte Mehltau ist ein trickreicher Krankheitserreger: Der Pilz kann Gerste so manipulieren, dass die Zellen des Getreides ihm nicht nur Einlass in die Pflanze gewähren, sondern den Krankheitserreger auch noch mit Nährstoffen...[more]


Food process engineering: TUM researchers develop environmentally friendly process to improve storage stability of probiotics

Lactobacillus sakei, 10.000-times magnified (Bild: Jörg Groth / Blessing Biotech GmbH)

You will find them in yoghurts, muesli blends and infant formula – probiotic bacteria are rapidly gaining ground as healthy food supplements. However, the production of this “functional food” has its pitfalls: Only few probiotic...[more]


Making timber safer: TUM researchers recommend new EU standards for machine strength grading of engineered wood products

Detecting weaknesses in timber using the GOLDENEYE multisensor method (source: Martin Rattini / MiCROTEC)

Be it in houses, halls, towers or bridges – timber is a versatile and environmentally friendly construction material. In order to ensure that wooden structures are sufficiently stable for their required purpose, the timber used...[more]


Synthetic biology: TUM researchers develop novel kind of fluorescent protein

Interplay of two dyes in the biosynthetic fluorescent protein (graphics: A. Skerra / TUM)

Since the middle of the 1990s a bright green fluorescent protein has been used in research laboratories worldwide. Protein designers at Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) in Weihenstephan have now taken the existing...[more]


From cellulose to sugar: Microbiologists at the TU Muenchen aim to optimize bio-ethanol production

Plate or Tank? One can gain supply for both from maize. (Copyright: Cynthia Baldauf /

Food versus fuel - this rivalry is gaining significance against a backdrop of increasingly scarce farmland and a concurrent trend towards the use of bio-fuels. Researchers at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) are helping...[more]

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