Organic insect deterrent for agriculture

Aphids avoid wheat seedlings treated with CBT-ol. (Image: W. Mischko / TUM)

Traditional insecticides are killers: they not only kill pests, they also endanger bees and other beneficial insects, as well as affecting biodiversity in soils, lakes, rivers and seas. A team from the Technical University of...[more]


Start of the Bavarian Network for Climate Research

Strategies for climate protection and adaptation are to be developed via the bayklif network. (Image: Photocase/

The Bavarian Network for Climate Research (bayklif) was founded in 2050 as part of the Bavarian Climate Protection Programme. The network focuses on better understanding the ecological and social consequences of climate change in...[more]


Contamination of water bodies with metal ions from shotgun ammunition

Shot balls of different material types were tested for the study. (Picture: A. Göttlein / TUM)

Hunting with lead shot is highly restricted or entirely banned in many countries due to the danger of poisoning birds and environment. However, alternative ammunition is not without its own risks, as was discovered in a study...[more]


Meta-analysis: Mixed forests are ecologically and economically superior

Mixed forests mitigate climate change because they store carbon dioxide longer and better. (Photo: iStock/DaLiu)

Mixed forests are more productive than monocultures. This is true on all five continents, and particularly in regions with high precipitation. These findings from an international overview study, in which the Technical University...[more]


Study: Trees with grassy areas soften summer heat in cities

One location was the Lehrer-Wirth-Strasse in Munich, where measuring instruments were attached to Robinia below the foliage. (Picture: F. Rahman/ TUM)

Trees cool their environment and "heat islands" like Munich benefit from it. However, the degree of cooling depends greatly on the tree species and the local conditions. In a recent study, scientists at the Technical University...[more]


Successful identification of an organic cause: Biomarkers for irritable bowel syndrome

[Translate to english:] Mithilfe der Proteomanalyse konnten 204 Proteine identifiziert werden, deren Konzentration in den Reizdarm-Überständen anders aussahen als in den Biopsien der anderen Probanden. (Bild: PLOS)

Little is still known about the exact causes of irritable bowel syndrome. An international team with significant involvement from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has provided initial clues about the organic triggers of...[more]

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