Research Department Ecology and Ecosystem Management

Prof. Dr. Johannes Kollmann

Chair of Restoration Ecology
Emil-Ramann-Str 6
85354 Freising

Phone +49.8161.71.3498
Fax +49.8161.71.4143
Email jkollmann[at]

The mission of the Research Department Ecology and Ecosystem Management is to address current environmental challenges by close collaboration between stakeholders and scientific experts. The research focus is on fundamental factors controlling ecosystem processes, biodiversity dynamics, climate change, air pollution and the human environment in terrestrial and aquatic systems.

The groups within the research department combine basic research in ecology with applied aspects of landscape planning and sustainable management of natural resources. Projects are done in a diversity of ecosystems, including forests, freshwater systems, wetlands, grasslands, arable land and urban habitats within the temperate, subtropical and tropical zones. There are close interactions among the research groups including a number of successful collaborative projects.

The research department combines expertise in abiotic factors, studied by soil science, geomorphology and climatology, with investigations of biotic patterns and processes covering all major taxonomic groups. The research department is one of the most influential groups of environmental research in Germany with a problem-solving impact and a high level of international visibility.


Dept. ÖkoMgmt – TUM-WZW (2010–2023)

  • DFG FOR 1451 (2010–2018) Exploring Mechanisms underlying the Relationship between Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning [link]
  • BMBF GeoArchives SPACES (2013–2018) Signals of Climate and Landscape Change preserved in Southern African Geoarchives [link]
  • StMUV München (2014–2018) Bayerische Landschaften im Klimawandel – Kohlenstoff- und Stickstoffmobilität in Landschaften im Umbruch auf Basis kolluvialer und alluvialer Prozesse [link]
  • DFG MAD Soil FOR 2179 (2015–2018) Microaggregates: Formation and turnover of the structural building blocks of soils [link]
  • BMBF (2015–2021) BonaRes-Zentrum für Bodenforschung [link]
  • BMBF (2015–2021) BonaRes: SUSALPS Sustainable use of alpine and pre-alpine grassland soils in a changing climate [link]
  • BMBF (2015–2021) BonaRes: sustainable subsoil management - Soil3 Subsoil functions: Abiotic properties of subsoils [link]
  • Waldklimafonds (2016–2019) Alpenhumus [link]
  • Belmont Forum & BMBF CLIMAX (2016–2020) Climate services through knowledge co-production: A Euro-South American initiative for strengthening societal adaptation response to extreme events [linkg]
  • DFG SPP 1991 (2017–2020) Taxon-OMICS - New approaches for discovering and naming biodiversity [link]
  • FP7-ERA-Net & BLE FOREXCLIM (2017–2020) Forests and extreme weather events: Solutions for risk resilient management in a changing climate [link]
  • StMBKWK (2018–2023) Blick in die Zukunft (BLIZ): Wechselwirkungen zwischen Gesellschaft, Landnutzung, Ökosystemleistungen und Biodiversität in Bayern bis 2100 [link]