Looking beyond the horizon - new Master's programme combines agricultural and life sciences

The new Master's programme in Agricultural Biosciences combines the different disciplines of the agricultural and life sciences in a unique form and creates excellent conditions for committed young scientists. The application phase for the course, which will start in the winter semester 2020/2021 at the TUM School of Life Sciences in Freising, Germany, is still open until the end of May.

In the Master's programme Agricultural Biosciences, knowledge from the animal and plant sciences is taught.

The degree programme Agricultural Biosciences combines the different disciplines from the agricultural and life sciences (Picture: Michael Obermeier/ TUM).

The program is designed for 30 students and, as a completely English-language program, is aimed at national and international students with the best Bachelor's degrees. Applicants will be selected through an aptitude procedure. The course is not only suitable for biologists, biotechnologists or agricultural scientists, but also for interested students of other disciplines, e.g. statistics or bioinformatics. Special additional courses are designed to help these students acquire biological or agricultural science expertise.

What is special about the Agricultural Biosciences course is the interdisciplinary teaching. "Science has become so dynamic in the meantime that the boundaries between the disciplines are becoming increasingly blurred. Findings from one discipline can also be important in other areas and these synergies should be exploited," explains Prof. Dr. Chris-Carolin Schön from the Department of Plant Breeding who, together with other professors, designed the course. In addition, technologies and methods have changed considerably in recent years. Modern disciplines such as agricultural biotechnology, molecular and statistical genetics or bioinformatics are becoming increasingly important in the animal and plant sciences.

All information on the course and the link to the applicant portal can be found here

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