Humboldt Research Fellow at the Chair for Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscapes

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The Egyptian researcher, Dr. Sara Fouad is awarded with a Georg Forster Research Fellowship by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to work scientifically at the TUM in 2021/2022 on the topic "Historic Veins. Between Regeneration and Termination". Dr. Fouad developed together with Professor Dr. Udo Weilacher her research proposal and arrived on May 1st at TUM in order to start with her work, hosted by the Chair for Landscape Architecture and Industrial Landscapes (LAI).

Dr. Sara Fouad researches disused industrial canals

Egyptian researcher Dr. Sara Fouad (Photo: Martin Augenstein/TUM).

Industrial canal in Egypt (Photo: Sara Fouad).

In her work, the junior researcher from Alexandria examines how to successfully maintain and reuse old and currently endangered industrial channels in Egypt. Therefore, she carries out comparative studies on corresponding transformation projects in Germany. The aim of the research work is not only to develop a scientific knowledge base for the preservation of Egypt's industrial heritage. In addition, a methodology is to be developed to secure and strengthen the "blue infrastructure" of Egypt in the interest of the ecological, economic and social development of the country.

With her research project, Dr. Fouad contributes to the development of her home country and to the exchange of knowledge and methods between Germany and Egypt.




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