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Max Schönleutner Medal for Prof. Hülsbergen - Commitment to agricultural and horticultural sciences honored

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Prof. Dr. Kurt-Jürgen Hülsbergen, Head of the Chair of Organic Agriculture and Agronomy at the TUM School of Life Sciences, will receive the Max Schönleutner Medal 2021. With this award, the Max Schönleutner Gesellschaft (MSGW) honors his achievements in research and teaching in the fields of organic farming, humus and nutrient management, modeling of material, energy and greenhouse gas fluxes in agroecosystems.

Prof Hülsbergen heads the Chair of Organic Farming and Crop Production Systems.

Prof. Hülsbergen is now a laureate of the Max Schönleutner Society (Photo: Heddergott/TUM).

The Max Schönleutner Society sees itself as an intermediary between companies and associations in the agricultural sector and science and research. Its aim is to promote forward-looking agricultural and horticultural sciences in Bavaria.

Each year, the Max Schönleutner Society awards a medal to honor outstanding personal commitment to agricultural and horticultural sciences. The winners of previous years include, for example, former president of the TUM, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.mult. Wolfgang A.Hermann, and former Bavarian Minister Presidents Dr. Günther Beckstein and Horst Seehofer.

Bridge builder between conventional and organic farming methods

Dr. Josef Bosch, Chairman of the MSGW, praised Prof. Kurt-Jürgen Hülsbergen as a representative of the systems science approach to cross-disciplinary issues in agriculture.
"His long-standing investigations of material flows on farms and in continuous field experiments form the basis for the development of digital nutrient management and sensor-based fertilization systems. His research impressively demonstrates that current problems, such as nitrate pollution of groundwater, increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural production, require holistic approaches to solutions.

At the same time, his work builds bridges between "conventional" and "organic" farming practices, which are essential for a sustainable world food supply. His example is proof of the need for systems-oriented agricultural research at universities," said Dr. Bosch in his laudatory speech.

He said that his commitment to teaching in agricultural sciences as dean of students from 2007 to 2013 and in the operation of his chair played a decisive role in ensuring that crop production at the Technical University of Munich enjoys high recognition among students and the agricultural industry.
"He also promoted cooperation with the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences and the State Agricultural Institute, thus supporting an important success factor for the future of agricultural and horticultural sciences at the Weihenstephan site," Bosch said.

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