Julia Steinhoff-Wagner is new Professor for Animal Nutrition and Metabolism

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Julia Steinhoff-Wagner started doing research and teaching at the TUM School of Life Sciences in April this year. Her degree work was on the topic of development and health of newborn calves and piglets in relation to milk nutrition. In the following short interview, she introduces herself.

Prof. Dr. Julia Steinhoff-Wagner – Professorship for Animal Nutrition and Metabolism (Image: A. Heddergott / TUM).

What exciting research projects will you be working on at the Technical University of Munich?

Climate change and other global political challenges will lead to a shortage of many resources. This will change our nutrition as well as the nutrition of livestock in the future. In this context, my research projects involving the testing and evaluating of innovative approaches to the feeding of farm animals is a task that can cover their demand and make future production of food of animal origin more sustainable.
My personal focus is on the nutrition of newborn calves, because the basis for good development, best health, and efficient production later are laid in the phase just after birth.

On what topic would you like to exchange ideas with students in a casual setting?

I am happy to exchange ideas on all topics in the field of animal science. Interdisciplinary work is also very important to me. That’s why I think that discussions with students who ask critical questions or look at things from a completely different perspective are particularly enriching.

And what benefits does your research work bring to agricultural practice?

Farmers today are under a lot of pressure from society to optimize the production of food of animal origin in terms of animal welfare, animal protection, and environmental protection. On the other hand, they are trying to secure their own livelihoods. Animal nutrition plays a key role in this. Based on our research, we develop recommendations that benefit farmers, while at the same time, we explain to society in a comprehensible way the necessary trade-offs between the conflicting goals that farmers face.


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