Life Sciences at the Weihenstephan Campus

The Technical University of Munich has concentrated its expertise in life sciences in the TUM School of Life Sciences at the modern Weihenstephan campus in Freising. From molecules to plants and animals to ecosystems and landscapes, Molecular Life Sciences, Life Science Systems and Life Science Engineering are explored and taught under the motto “One Health”.

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The key to long-term CO2 storage in the soil - Microbial interactions stabilize carbon in the soil

Soils play a major role when it comes to the long-term storage of CO2 and the resulting reduction of this gas in the atmosphere – therefore they can contribute to slowing down climate change. In order to gain a better...[more]

European and North American maize genomes: same but different

Scientists decode European maize genome

German researchers decoded the European maize genome. In comparison to North American maize lines, they discovered variations that underlie phenotypic differences and may also contribute to the heterosis effect. A better...[more]

The third eye sees more - more efficient plants and more environmentally friendly food production

Prof. Schmidhalter from the Department of Plant Nutrition uses optical sensor technology to improve yields in agriculture.

The 21st century faces great challenges for the food security: The world population continues to grow steadily, while dwindling resources and the effects of climate change make it increasingly difficult to meet the food demand of...[more]

Making balanced decisions - Neuronal circuits in the brain 'sense' our inner state

Dopamine helps animals like the fly Drosophila melanogaster

How decisions are made and how behavior is controlled is one of the most important questions in neuroscience. The neurotransmitter dopamine plays a central role in all of this. Scientists at the Technical University of Munich...[more]


Fit for TUM - Service fair for newcomers

Service fair for newcomers:  the perfect place for newcomer students to find information on all topics concerning your student life at TUM.
In virtual events the several service departments of TUM will present their offers. To the program