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Please inform yourself regularly about the FAQs of the TUM Human Resources Department concerning questions of employment law and labour law regarding the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

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Life Sciences at the Weihenstephan Campus

The Technical University of Munich has concentrated its expertise in life sciences in the TUM School of Life Sciences at the modern Weihenstephan campus in Freising. From molecules to plants and animals to ecosystems and landscapes, Molecular Life Sciences, Life Science Systems and Life Science Engineering are explored and taught under the motto “One Health”.

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How Fungi Are Becoming the Future - Fungal biotechnology as a driver of innovation for a biobased economy

Philipp Benz researches fungi

How will we be able to feed 10 billion people in the not too distant future without causing widespread environmental damage? How can we meet the rising demand for leather and textiles among a growing population while...[more]

A disease trigger for pancreatitis has been identified - A Calcium channel is involved in the development of pancreatitis

Genetic defects in the calcium channel cause pancreatitis

One factor contributing to the development of pancreatitis lies in mutations within a cell membrane ion channel that is characterized by its specific permeability for calcium ions. This groundbreaking discovery was made by a...[more]

Frost damage is increasing - Forests in Europe and Asia suffer from global warming

Frost damage is increasing

Natural scientists have been warning about the effects of climate change for many years. In the meantime, the hot summers have also reached Central Europe, but global warming is not only causing summer heat waves, but is...[more]

Improving immunotherapy for cancer - Cause for the lack of immune defense against tumors discovered

Immunotherapy in cancer can be improved

One of the reasons why cancer develops is because regulatory cells inhibit the body's immune defense. Researchers under the helm of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have discovered a mechanism for identifying regulatory...[more]

Events on Campus Freising

TUM@Freising Lecture on September 24, 2020

TUM@Freising - Science Explained for Everyone

Science Explained for Everyone -  the TUM@Freising lecture series takes place at the Lindenkeller in Freising. Save the date for the next event!