Life Sciences at the Weihenstephan Campus

The Technical University of Munich has concentrated its expertise in life sciences in the TUM School of Life Sciences at the modern Weihenstephan campus in Freising. From molecules to plants and animals to ecosystems and landscapes, Molecular Life Sciences, Life Science Systems and Life Science Engineering are explored and taught under the motto “One Health”.

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26.11.2021 Gardens in the city - ecosystems for people and nature

Prof. Monika Egerer heads the Chair of Urban Productive Ecosystems at the TUM School of Life Sciences (Image: Felix Noak).

Urban gardens provide enormous potential and a new perspectives for nature conservation and nature connection. How can urban gardens contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and to what extent do they benefit human health?...[more]

Research | 25.11.2021 Spicy breast milk? Spicy substance from pepper gets into breast milk after eating

Mass spectrometric analysis by a research team

In part of a recent human study led by the Technical University of Munich (TUM), it was found that after eating a curry dish containing pepper, piperine - an alkaloid responsible for the pungency of pepper - was present in the...[more]

Award, Research | 17.11.2021 The Most Cited Researchers Worldwide - Eight of the total of twelve "Highly Cited Researchers" at TUM come from the School of Life Sciences

The bioanalyst Prof. Bernhard Küster is one of the most recognized researchers in the world

Twelve researchers from TUM are among the world's most frequently cited minds. Eight of them conduct research at the TUM School of Life Sciences. This is shown in the new edition of the "Highly Cited Researchers" ranking. [more]

Research | 16.11.2021 Winter important for cereal yield: Weather conditions outside growing season very important

Winter wheat in Dürnast

The weather conditions in the winter and during the transitional phases from fall to winter and winter to spring have a significant influence on the yield level of key cereal crops, such as winter barley and winter wheat. These...[more]

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Colloquium Molecular Mechanisms of Agronomic Traits

Colloquium Molecular Mechanisms of Agronomic Traits:

  • Dr. Alexandre Marand (University of Georgia, USA) 

Host: Prof. Dr. Frank Johannes

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Public lecture series Economic perspectives on agriculture
Dates online or hybrid event

  • Prof. Dr. Jochen Kantelhardt (BoKu Wien): Topic to be announced

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Meeting Women in Agricultural Sciences

Meeting Women in Agricultural Sciences

  • Dr. Annette Freibauer (LfL): "Can soil conservation save the climate?"

Location: Furtner Bräu, Freising for talks, discussions and beer.

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