Research Department Animal Sciences

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Schusser

Reproductive Biotechnology
Liesel-Beckmann-Str. 1
85354 Freising

Phone +49.8161.71.2027
Fax +49.8161.71.2108
E-Mail benjamin.schusser[at]


Key challenges for humanity in the 21st century are the improvement of human and animal health and wellbeing and the provision of safe, high-quality food. In the Research Department Animal Sciences, livestock are investigated as production animals for agriculture and as model organisms for basic and biomedical research. Research questions originating in these fields can be addressed at different scales, from molecular mechanisms, cell culture and small animal models up to the level of animal populations.

Research in the different chairs investigates mechanisms related to animal metabolism, health and behaviour. We study livestock in several contexts: agriculture where a balance between high-yield production of protein and animal wellbeing is essential; biomedical where the genetic basis for disease is being elucidated or where genetically-modified animals provide models for human diseases; and basic research where livestock and other species are highly accessible model systems to study, for example, the neuronal basis of behaviour.