Research Department Nutrition and Food Sciences

Prof. Dr. Michael Rychlik

Chair of Analytical Food Chemistry
Maximus-von-Imhof-Forum 2
85354 Freising

Phone +49.8161.71.3746
Fax +49.8161.71.4216
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The Research Department Nutrition and Food Sciences at TUM comprises a unique spectrum of expertise covering food processing technologies, analytical chemistry, sensory sciences, food microbiology, immunology, physiology and nutritional medicine. Research activities of the 10 department members are targeted to perform interdisciplinary research at the interface of food technology, nutrition sciences and medicine. Food and Nutrition Sciences are expected to reach far beyond their classical fields of expertise and meanwhile integrate many aspects of molecular and biomedical research to better understand the food quality and composition, functional food constituents or the variety of individual dietary patterns on human health and disease. Most advanced chemical and bioanalytical techniques are employed and combined with state-of-the art life science technologies to assess in cell cultures, animal models and human trials how foods and distinct ingredients interact with the complex biological networks that regulate organismic homeostasis.

Three focus areas of particular competencies within our science web can be identified. One relates to the elucidation of the structures of food constituents and the identification of ligands of gustatory receptors. The second addresses the characterization of microbial ecosystems and functional aspects of specific bacteria in fermented foods and the mammalian gut in the context of inflammatory and metabolic disorders. The third cluster focuses on dietary constituents and defined food patterns and their role in human health. Complex interactions of diet and the host are assessed in various model systems and in human trials employing high content analysis and profiling techniques.