Research Department Biosciences

Prof. Dr. Iris Antes

Theoretical Chemical Biology and Protein Modelling Group
Emil-Erlenmeyer-Forum 5
85354 Freising

Phone +49.8161.71.2242

Progress in the life sciences is driven by fundamental molecular insights into biological systems as well as technological advances broadly enabling research at many levels. The Research Department Biosciences constitutes an interdisciplinary group of research teams that investigates biological model systems, develops novel technologies and translates scientific discoveries into technical solutions and commercial products.

The research department has a number of focus areas: One is the research in microbiology centers on pathogens relevant to human health and disease as well as thermophiles and bacteria that hold potential for industrial biotechnology. Our activities in human and mouse genetics focus on the genetic basis of and animal models for human diseases. Strong research programs are established in the protein sciences where members of the department investigate molecular interactions of proteins, peptides and small molecules; develop protein/based technologies and therapeutics for use in humans and translate these into commercial opportunity. Another important area of research is bioinformatics which is used to integrate and interpret the information generated by modern high-throughput technologies and to develop predictive models for biological systems.