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[Translate to english:] Mithilfe der Proteomanalyse konnten 204 Proteine identifiziert werden, deren Konzentration in den Reizdarm-Überständen anders aussahen als in den Biopsien der anderen Probanden. (Bild: PLOS)

Successful identification of an organic cause: Biomarkers for irritable bowel syndrome

Little is still known about the exact causes of irritable bowel syndrome. An international team with significant involvement from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has provided initial clues about the organic triggers of...[more]

At the ceremony marking TUM's 150th anniversary German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier emphasized the societal responsibility of the sciences. (Image: A. Heddergott / TUM)

Innovation since 1868 – TUM celebrates its anniversary with ceremony

German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier addressed the 1200 invited guests at Munich's Residenz palace on the occasion of the 150th anniversary celebration of the founding of Technical University of Munich (TUM). He...[more]

An ambrosia beetle in its gallery with fungal garden visible as whitish coating. (photo: Gernot Kunz for Peter Biedermann / JMU)

Why some beetles fly on alcohol – and how fungi help them doing so

The Ambrosia beetle looks specifically for drunken trees to nest. Now researchers have found out why he is doing this: it is due to his sophisticated agricultural system. The beetle optimises its harvest with alcohol as a...[more]

JubilaTUM is a hoppy bottom-fermented export-beer, which is produced for the anniversary year. (Photo: Uli Benz / TUM)

A special beer for the anniversary: Students brew JubilaTUM

His recipe was developed especially for the anniversary of the Technical University of Munich (TUM): the amber-coloured export-beer JubilaTUM. Under the direction of Dr. Johannes Tippmann from TUM-Forschungsbrauerei, students of...[more]

The new laser method MSOT represents brown fat. (Picture: G. Diot/ TUM)

Brown adipose tissue made transparent: Metabolic activity of brown adipose tissue easier to verify with new method

Brown adipose tissue has played a key role in prevention research since its presence was first documented in adults. However, there was no non-invasive method of measuring its heat generation. A team at the Technical University...[more]

The "flying genome": The genetic model fly Drosophila melanogaster was investigated for the current study by Prof. Grunwald Kadows' research group on how the odour of animals ages. (Photo: Ariane Böhm / TUM)

Neuron can cause domino effect – Vulnerability in the brain: Individual damaged neuron types cause neurodegenerative diseases

If the sense of smell disappears, this can indicate a disease such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. However, unlike previously assumed, general degenerations in the nervous system do not play a leading role in the loss of...[more]

Rüdiger Recknagel, Chief Executive of the Audi Environmental Foundation (left) and Prof. Michael Suda, TUM’s Dean of Academic Affairs for Sustainable Resource Management (right) congratulate the two winners Daniela Angelova (2nd from the left) and Diana Young (2nd from the right). (Photo: Audi)

Award for contributions to resource management goes to young TUM researchers

The Audi Environmental Foundation has recognized the master’s degree theses of two young scientists of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) with the “Sustainable Resource Management Award.” The SRM Award brings prize money of...[more]

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