Aptitude Assessment Bachelor’s Programs

Our faculty decided in 2000 to begin using aptitude assessment as an additional selection criterion for entry into our degree courses. Our intention in using aptitude assessments for entry is to identify applicants with the ability to succeed in the specific course they have chosen.

Selection criteria are defined in Academic and Examination Regulations of the respective course. Admission standards are based not only on your high school grade (Abiturnote) but also your scores in specific subjects (mainly in calculus, biology, chemistry and physics) as well as in German and English; furthermore we demand from you a Statement of Purpose and Objectives, a workbook, if applicable. We will also consider additional qualifications if e.g. you have completed a professional education relevant to the course you wish to study or if you successfully participated in a research competition.

Interviews are an important part of our selection procedure. If you have a good examination record and Statement of Purpose and Objectives and if you have not received a direct admission or been rejected in Phase 1 of the Aptitude Assessment, you're likely to be invited to interview (by Email). The interviews normally take place the last week of July or first week of August. Kindly check the website of the course you’ve chosen for details.

General information can be found here: Application

For all programs you apply online via the portal TUMonline where you create an account which will thereafter be your destination for information during the selection process and beyond. The electronic applicant assistant guides you through the application process step by step.

Best wishes for success!