Aptitude Assessment Master’s Programs

Applicants who wish to gain entry in any of our master of science courses or who would like to transfer into one of these will have to undergo an aptitude assessment.

You receive academic advising in the study program divisions. Selection criteria are defined in the Examination and Academic Regulations of the respective courses.

INTERVIEW Dates for Study Programs Summer Term 2020

Minimum requirements include a bachelor's degree or proof of a certain amount of credit points earned in your core study (see the Examination and Academic Regulations of your Master Programm for details). Please submit your Transcript of Records together with your application.

In order to check your qualification, we need to analyse the curriculum of your qualifying studies. For some of the master-programs offered by our faculty, this curricular analysis is available online. You will find the link in TUMonline. Please fill in the online-document giving us a complete overview of the subjects you completed in your core study on the basis of your Transcript of Records. Kindly send the data online, then print out the pdf and mail it to the matriculation office of TU München together with all other requested documents.

Should you be deficient in one of the skill categories you may be admitted provisionally on the condition that appropriate courses/subjects will be taken after entering the program and have to be completed within one year.

If you do not get a direct admission or rejection in Phase 1 of the Aptitude Assessment, you're likely to be invited to interview (by email). Regarding the timing of the interviews, kindly check the website of the course you’ve chosen for details.

Please note:
Students must submit all of the fore mentioned materials in order for their application to be complete. A completed application is required in order to be considered for the admission decision rounds. These materials must be received by the Matriculation Office before close of business on all deadline dates
(January 15 for the summer term, May 31 for the winter term).

Important tip: the earlier you apply the better! Therefore, please do not leave applying “to the last minute”. APPLY EARLY WITHIN THE APPLICATION PERIOD.

For all programs you apply online via the portal TUMonline where you create an account which will thereafter be your destination for information during the selection process and beyond. To access TUMonline click to Application and Admission. The electronic applicant assistant guides you through the application process step by step.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!