Aptitude assessment for master’s programs

In advance, you can get information about your chosen degree program from our academic advisors. You can find the exact regulations on the aptitude assessment in the appendix of the respective academic and examination regulations (FPSO) of the degree program.

The purpose of the aptitude assessment is to check whether you have the professional competencies for the corresponding master's program from your first degree. Your special qualifications and skills should correspond to the intended professional field.

For most of our Master's programs, there is a so-called "soft transition" from the Bachelor's to the Master's program, i.e. at the time of application, students must provide evidence of module examinations amounting to:

  • at least 120 credits in the case of a six-semester Bachelor's program,
  • at least 150 credits in the case of a seven-semester Bachelor's program, and
  • at least 180 credits in the case of an eight-semester Bachelor's degree program.

Proof of having passed the bachelor's degree must then be submitted within one year of starting the master's program.

Your application will be processed as soon as you have submitted all necessary documents online in full and on time. Applications that are not submitted on time and in full will be excluded from the eligibility procedure.

The aptitude assessment takes place in two stages:

  • In the first stage, the application documents received are used to assess whether the applicants are suitable for the master's program on the basis of their professional qualifications and their grade from their previous studies. The evaluation is carried out by means of a point system. In some master's programs, a written justification for the choice of the program is also required.

    In order to assess the professional qualification, we use a program-specific curricular analysis derived from the transcript of records for most master's programs. The curricular analysis must be completed as part of the online application process and uploaded with the application documents.

    Applicants who achieve a certain score will receive direct admission already in the first stage. If the score falls below a certain level, they will be rejected in the first stage.
  • All other applicants will receive an invitation to a video selection interview by e-mail.

You will conveniently receive notification of rejection or admission to the program via your TUMonline Account.

After you have been admitted, the next step is enrolment. For this, you must submit your documents, partly as certified copies, by mail or in person. You can see which documents we need in your TUMonline Account as soon as you have received your offer of admission and accepted your place of study.