Balancing Academic and Family Life (Study – Career – Family)

Supporting our students and faculty in their efforts to balance the demands of academic and family life is a top priority at the TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan. As such, we offer a variety of childcare programs on campus, including:

Caring von Family Members:

Information for TUM faculty, students and staff with family members in need of care is available here.


TUM.Family provides detailed information for all your questions concerning work-life balance, as well as the support available at TUM.

Financial support for TUM faculty, students and staff (e.g. emergency childcare, maternity leave replacements):

TUM offers various forms of financial support to help faculty, students and staff balance their career and familial obligations.

Important information for faculty, students and staff:

Resources providing information on balancing academic and family life addressing the needs of specific groups are available for download on the TUM.Diversity webpages.