The TUM School of Life Sciences combines the entire spectrum of life science topics in teaching and research.

The TUM School of Life Sciences – the center for integrated life sciences

The term Life Sciences refers to a branch of science that deals with life processes or structures of living organisms or in which living organisms are involved.

The Life Sciences have revolutionized our understanding how organisms and biological systems operate. Only when we better understand our planet in its complex diversity we can make a contribution to securing the foundations of healthy living and shaping the coexistence of mankind in a sustainable way.

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich are therefore concentrating their expertise in life sciences at the Department TUM School of Life Sciences in Weihenstephan, which was founded in 2000.

In the spirit of the "One Health" idea, the TUM School of Life Sciences uniquely combines the necessary key competencies to explore the fundamentals of our lives: from molecules to cellular systems to plant and animal organisms, from soil to ecosystems, from food to nutritional medicine, from biogenic raw materials to biotechnology – while making use of the benefits of artificial intelligence.

The TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan offers many challenges and exciting research topics for young chemists, biologists, physicists and engineers and is one of the international leading authorities in integrated life sciences. Graduates can look forward to very good career prospects specialists are sought in research and development.

Working for One Health – Insights into current Research Projects

Download of the brochure TUM School of Life Sciences – Working for One Health
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Our Life Sciences Department from above

A rapid sightseeing flight over the Life Sciences Campus Weihenstephan through the camera eyes of a drone. Let's go!

The TUM School of Life Sciences – Facts & Figures

A quick insight into the most important facts and figures about the TUM School of Life Sciences.
In a nutshell - facts and figures about studying, teaching and research at the TUM School of Life Sciences.