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Perfectly organized and relaxed through the daily study routine - it's not that difficult! No matter whether you are about to start your studies or a new freshman - on these pages you will find everything you need for your choice of study and a successful start to your studies.

You are already studying? Then a good study organization is essential. The Campus Office is your central contact point for all matters concerning your studies. Whether it's recognition, registration of theses, internships or withdrawal from exams - here you can get all the important information and quick help.

Are you attracted to far away places? Then find out all about our exchange programs at TUM, such as Erasmus or TUMexchange.

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To study better digitally

Study areas on campus

Lounge of the StudiTUM house Weihenstephan

At the Weihenstephan campus, there are study areas where you can study in peace or work in groups:

- University Library Weihenstephan: reserve a study desk

- StudiTUM house Weihenstephan: find free seats online with the IRIS App

Virtual study area

Image: pixabay / jagritparajuli99

"TUM Study with me" is a virtual learning space where students can learn together, exchange ideas and benefit from a collaborative study atmosphere.

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Finding learning partners

MatchNLearn is a platform developed by TUM students to match learning partners as ideally as possible.

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How to Study Safely at TUM

The most important rules to study safely at TUM. Current information is also available at

Events for students

Virtual Market – focusing Sustainability: You are interested in study programs that are dealing with sustainability? Visit the booth of TUM School of Life Sciences and check which study program suits you best!

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Getting to know each other at the start of the study

Our program for your start of studies:

  • First Semester Welcome: Monday, 11 October
  • Study program introductions: 11-15 October
  • More information in our First Contact Program!