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Perfectly organized and relaxed through the daily study routine - it's not that difficult! No matter whether you are about to start your studies or a new freshman - on these pages you will find everything you need for your choice of study and a successful start to your studies.

You are already studying? Then a good study organization is essential. The Campus Office is your central contact point for all matters concerning your studies. Whether it's recognition, registration of theses, internships or withdrawal from exams - here you can get all the important information and quick help.

Are you attracted to far away places? Then find out all about our exchange programs at TUM, such as Erasmus or TUMexchange.

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How to Study Safely at TUM - Winter Semester 2020/21

The most important rules to study safely at TUM during the winter semester 2020/21. Current information is also available at

Events for students

German Writing Assistance

German Writing Assistance
from the TUM Language Center for international students and researchers at TUM: especially for thesis, dissertation, letters of application or CVs.
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Themed Weeks University Library

Sweeten Up Your Skills – Coffee Break Web Seminars:
from January to April
5 days, 5 topics
at 1:30 p.m.
30 minutes

Topics from literature search to citation and reference management to publishing at TUM, citation-based research evaluation and bibliometrics.

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TUM Virtual Master’s Fair

Discover the TUM, the master's programs at the Weihenstephan Campus and the counseling services at our virtual booth.

From 12 to 4 pm you can expect live lectures, chats with our student advisors and much more.

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Useful apps for your studies

TUM Campus App: Your companion at the TUM

TUM Campus App
Graphic: TUM Informatik - Lehrstuhl für Betriebssysteme/GooglePlay

Cafeteria menus, calendars with lecture dates, grades, chat rooms and much more - the app helps you to better organize your university life (for Android & IOS).

Actionbound: interactive campus tour

Actionbound – Interaktive Campustour
Graphic: Actionbound/GooglePlay

Explore the Weihenstephan Campus in a playful way! Download the app and let it guide you around the campus like a scavenger hunt (for Android & IOS).

TUM interactive: Experience science

Experience science at your fingertips

Hands-on science: take an interactive tour through the faculties of TUM and become a researcher yourself! (for Android and IOS)