Checklist at the end of term

Checklist for end of term and departure

If you are planning to return back home after the winter term 2020/21:

  1. You will receive results for every examination you have completed at TUM.You can easily print out a Transcript of Records from your TUMonline account. Log in and select "transcripts" in the "studies" column on your business card. Select the option "print certificate" to generate an official academic transcript of records.
  2. If you need a signature please personally contact the examination office ‘Prüfungsamt Weihenstephan’, Alte Akademie 1, 1st floor.
  3. If not all of your grades are available by the time you leave, it is your responsibility to check in TUMonline when your grades are validated and then send an e-mail to requesting the document.
  4. Exchange students do not need to exmatriculate, this will be done automatically by TUM at the end of the semester you applied for. Just in case you need a confirmation of exmatriculation e.g. to cancel your German national insurance, you need to organize this on your own.
  5. If you had a room in a dorm, please be sure to clean it up properly so you receive a full refund of your deposit from Studentenwerk. Same applies, of course, if you lived in a private room and don’t forget to cancel your rental contract on time.
  6. When leaving Freising, you must give notice of your departure to the Residents’ Registration office (Bürgerbüro)!
  7. You should close your bank account a few days before departing Germany to avoid unnecessary charges or fees.
  8. To receive a signature for your “confirmation of stay” document please contact the International Office (international[at]

If you are planning to stay for the summer term 2021:

  1. Re-enroll by paying your semester fee (142,40 €) no later then 15 February 2021!
  2. and validate your student card for the next term.

See further information at Fees and Financial Aid