Gender & Diversity

Our Gender & Diversity team offers information and advice on the following topics:

  • Qualification and funding opportunities in all scientific fields and for different stages of the scientific career
  • Questions concerning the compatibility of studies or career and family, of science and care work (science & care)
  • Pregnancy
  • Gender & diversity-specific problems
  • Rise awareness for the relevance of gender & diversity aspects in research and teaching

    We work in close cooperation with the Gender Equality Officers of the TUM School of Life Sciences, with TUM Equal Opportunity and with TUM Family Service.


    The Dimensions of Diversity

    • Ethnic origin and nationality
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Physical and mental ability
    • Religion and worldview
    • Sexual orientation
    • Social background



    Contact persons

    Dr. Daniela Röder
    Phone +49.8161.71.2968
    E-mail daniela.roeder[at]

    For students:
    Monika Laschinger

    Mobile phone +49.174.695.4895
    E-mail familienservice[at]