Student Exchange Coordinators

Beratung für Incomings und Outgoings an der TUM School of Life Sciences
Advice for incoming and outgoing students at the TUM School of Life Sciences (Foto:

The student exchange coordinators of the TUM School of Life Sciences are available for all incoming and outgoing students with questions concerning their planned stay on our campus or abroad.

International Affairs Delegate

Prof. Dr. Dieter Langosch

Prof. Dr. Dieter Langosch
E-mail langosch[at]

International Office

Stephanie Schönwetter


Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences

Dr. Thilo Glebe

Alte Akademie 12
85354 Freising
E-mail thilo.glebe[at]


Dr. Markus Gütlich

Weihenstephaner Berg 3
85354 Freising
E-mail guetlich[at]

Brewing and food technology

Prof. Ludwig Niessen

Gregor-Mendel-Straße 4
85354 Freising
E-mail niessen[at]

Food Chemistry (Master of Science)

Prof. Dr. Michael Rychlik

Maximus-von-Imhof-Forum 2/I
85354 Freising
E-mail michael.rychlik(at)

Forest Science and Resource Management

Dr. Martin Döllerer

Hans-Carl-von-Carlowitz-Platz 2
85354 Freising

Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Printz

Emil-Ramann-Str. 6
85354 Freising
E-mail a.printz[at]


Dr. Kai Hartwig

Campus Office, ground floor, room 09
Weihenstephaner Steig 22
85354 Freising
E-mail kai.hartwig[at]