Accommodation for students

Studentenwerk München – Student Accomodation in Freising

Finding accommodation in the Munich area isn’t easy. In Munich, Freising (and Rosenheim), the student union Studentenwerk offers affordable rooms and apartments for students; the rental cost in Freising in a dormitory is around  €300 per month depending on the type of room. Since these rooms are in high demand there are waiting times between one and four semesters, depending on the halls of residence and locations.

Accommodation offered by the Studentenwerk München

Halls of Residence in Freising-Weihenstephan

For International Degree Students

Rooms in student residence halls are in high demand. You should apply as soon as you receive your notification of admission. The applications are processed by the Studentenwerk München (Munich Student Union), which runs the residence halls and allocates rooms.

For International Exchange Students

For international students participating in an exchange program it is NOT possible to take part in the online registration at Studentenwerk. In response to the universities’ internationalization efforts, however, the Munich Student Union offers a Servicepaket (service package) for international exchange program students. In Freising-Weihenstephan the Campus Office has a limited number of Servicepaket-rooms available which are first allocated to students of the TUMexchange program who indicated their wish for a service package in the TUM application system  The remaining quota will then be distributed to students of other programs (Erasmus+/ SEMP). Students who could be assigned a service package will receive a confirmation from the Campus Office of the TUM School of Life Sciences approximately two months before the start of their exchange. It is important that applicants reply within the specified deadlines in order to receive a service package, otherwise it will be assigned to others. In some years the Munich Student Union itself allocates Servicepakets to applicants by means of a raffle.

Included in the Servicepaket (service package) are:

  • A room in a Student Union hall of residence in Freising
  • A welcome package including a sleeping bag, pillow plus pillow case, and bed sheet
  • International tutors who will assist you with orientation
  • An invitation to a guided Munich city tour
  • Extensive cultural program and the option to attend trips, excursions and workshops organized by the Culture Bureau
  • Information/Newsletters on interesting events with/for (international) students
  • Useful tips concerning student life in Munich and Freising
  • Contact to other international and German students

There are fixed rental periods for these rooms:

  • for the winter term: 1st of October – 31st of  March
  • for the summer term: 1st of April - 30th of September

Moving in before the official rental date is not possible. In case of arrival before the start of the lease, students have to arrange other accommodation themselves.


Contact information of accommodation service International Office of TUM School of Life Sciences[at]


Contact Studentenwerk in Freising-Weihenstephan

Alte Akademie 1,85354 Freising – Entrance Clock-Tower , 3rd  Floor

Phone: +49 8161 712251
Email: wohnen-team5[at]

Phone hours:

Tuesday: 09:00 am - 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Thursday: 09:00 am - 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Tips for finding accommodation for Erasmus exchange students at TUM

Apartment portals popular with students

If you plan to stay in Freising for a longer period and didn’t get a room in a dorm or if you choose to look for accommodation on the private market, we suggest you search on the following market places:

You also might want to check the local newspaper adverts and look at the postings on the bulletin board at the university to search for a private room. If you can arrange it, arrive in Freising before the semester starts and make an intensive inquiry.

Rooms for short-term rental might be an option for such undertaking:

All the best with your search!


Note:  In Germany, the monthly rent usually consists of two components: the basic or so-called ‘cold rent ‘(Kaltmiete, i.e. excluding service charges) and the ancillary rental costs (Nebenkosten, i.e. water, refuse collection, municipal fees, etc.). The basic rent plus ancillary rental costs make up the so-called ‘warm rent‘(Warmmiete). On top of this, the tenant must arrange and also pay the monthly electricity, gas and telecommunication bills, which she/he usually remits directly to the supplier and not to the landlord. Many landlords have integrated the cost of heating in the ancillary rental costs for furnished rooms. Accommodations are always let for a full month. Customarily, the tenant pays for the entire month, even if she/he arrives later or leaves earlier. It is also common that a deposit of up to three months rent is charged, which you will get back once you move out and have met your duties stated in your rental agreement.