Admission procedure at the TUM School of Life Sciences

While some bachelor's degree programs are open to admission, other bachelor's degree programs at the TUM School of Life Sciences require you to go through an aptitude assessment procedure (EfV) or the study orientation procedure (SOV).

Admission to our Master's programs is regulated by the aptitude procedure (EV).

What is the admissions process for my desired degree program?

The following table gives you a quick overview of all courses of study, the respective start date, the language of instruction and the type of admission:

Degree program Start Admission Ger./Eng.
Bachelor of Science
Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences B.Sc. WSunrestricted program Ger.
Brewing and Beverage Technology B.Sc. WSunrestricted program Ger.
Forest Science and Resource Management B.Sc. WSunrestricted program Ger.
Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning B.Sc. WSEfV Ger.
Food Technology B.Sc. WSunrestricted program Ger.
Life Sciences Biology B.Sc. WSSOV Ger.
Life Sciences Nutrition B.Sc. WS EfV Ger.
Molecular Biotechnology B.Sc. WS EfV Ger.
Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering B.Sc. WS unrestricted program Ger.
Master of Science
Agrosystem Sciences M.Sc. WS EV Ger.
Agricultural Biosciences M.Sc. WS EV Eng.
Biology M.Sc. WS/SS EV Ger./Eng.
Brewing and Beverage Technology M.Sc. WS EV Ger.
Forestry and Wood Science M.Sc. (also part-time) WS EV Ger.
Ecological Engineering M.Sc. (also part-time) WS EV Ger./Eng.
Food Chemistry M.Sc. WS EV Ger.
Molecular Biotechnology M.Sc. WS/SS EV Ger.
Conservation and Landscape Planning M.Sc. (also part-time) WS  EV Ger.
Nutrition and Biomedicine M.Sc.    WS EV Eng.
Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering M.Sc. WS   EV Ger.
Sustainable Resource Management M.Sc. WS EV Eng.
Food Technology and Biotechnology M.Sc. WS EV Ger.
Brewing with degree Master brewer ('Diplombraumeister') WS unrestricted program Ger.

What is meant by an admission-free degree program?

In the case of a degree program without admission restrictions, applicants will receive a letter of acceptance for the desired study place if the application documents are submitted to TUM in due form and time. As soon as the documents have been checked by us, you will receive a notification of admission by e-mail. There is no further selection process.

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