How do I apply for a study place?

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Are you interested in a study place at the TUM School of Life Sciences? On this page you will find all important information about application deadlines, types of admission and the TUMonline applicant portal of the Technical University of Munich.

Need more inspiration? If you have not yet made up your mind, you will find all of the courses at the TUM School of Life Sciences at a glance in our range of courses. This way you can get a better impression of the different fields of study, compare course content and job prospects and contact our student advising if you have any questions.

Which application dates and deadlines do I have to consider?

Look out! At the TU Munich, application deadlines may vary from course to course. As a rule, the Bachelor's and the internationally oriented Master's programs have a longer time window for the preparation of the online application. The following application periods are important for you:

Bachelor's degree programs

starting in the winter semester

  • 15 May to 15 July - for all degree programs with restricted admission
  • 15 May to 15 September - for all free-admission study programs in the fields of brewing / food technology and forestry / resource management

Master's degree programs

starting in the winter semester

  • 1 January to 31 May - for the international degree program Sustainable Resource Management as well as for degree program Forestry and Wood Science
  • 1 February to 31 May - for the international degree programs Agricultural Biosciences as well as Nutrition and Biomedicine
  • 1 April to 31 May - for all other study programs

starting in the summer semester

  • 1 November to 15 January 

Brewing (Master brewer Diplom)

starting in the winter semester

  • Application is possible until 15 September 2020.

What types of admission are there?

While some courses are open to admission, others require you to go through a selection process first. For Bachelor's degree programs, the aptitude assessment procedure (EfV), the Numerus Clausus (NC) or the study orientation procedure (SOV) can be used. Admission to our Master's programmes is regulated by the aptitude procedure (EV). The following table gives you a quick overview of all courses of study, the respective start date, the language of instruction and the type of admission:

Degree program Start Admission Ger./Eng.
Bachelor of Science
Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences B.Sc. WSEfV Ger.
Brewing and Beverage Technology B.Sc. WSunrestricted program Ger.
Forest Science and Resource Management B.Sc. WSunrestricted program Ger.
Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning B.Sc. WSEfV Ger.
Food Technology B.Sc. WSunrestricted program Ger.
Life Sciences Biology B.Sc. WSSOV Ger.
Life Sciences Nutrition B.Sc. WS EfV Ger.
Molecular Biotechnology B.Sc. WS EfV Ger.
Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering B.Sc. WS unrestricted program Ger.
Master of Science
Agrosystem Sciences M.Sc. WS EV Ger.
Agricultural Biosciences M.Sc. WS EV Eng.
Biology M.Sc. WS/SS EV Ger.
Brewing and Beverage Technology M.Sc. WS EV Ger.
Forestry and Wood Science M.Sc. (also part-time) WS EV Ger.
Ecological Engineering M.Sc. (also part-time) WS/SS EV Ger./Eng.
Food Chemistry M.Sc. WS EV Ger.
Molecular Biotechnology M.Sc. WS/SS EV Ger.
Conservation and Landscape Planning M.Sc. (also part-time) WS/SS  EV Ger.
Nutrition and Biomedicine M.Sc.    WS EV Eng.
Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering M.Sc. WS   EV Ger.
Sustainable Resource Management M.Sc. WS EV Eng.
Food Technology and Biotechnology M.Sc. WS EV Ger.
Brewing with degree Master brewer ('Diplombraumeister') WS unrestricted program Ger.
Brewing and Beverage Technology Module Studies WS/SS unrestricted program Ger.


EfV = Aptitude Assessment for Bachelor's Degree Applicants
EV = Aptitude Assessment for Master's Degree Applicants
NC = Restricted Degree Program / Numerus Clausus (NC)
SOV = Aptitude Recommendation (SOV) for Bachelor's Degree Applicants
WS = winter semester
SS = summer semester

How do I use the TUMonline applicant portal?

Have you read all the information about the application procedure carefully? Then let's get started!

The online application is the first step when applying for a degree program at TUM. For all degree programs you use the application portal TUMonline: Simply create an applicant account and let the electronic assistant guide you through the online application step by step. Upload the documents required for admission in PDF format. Paper documents no longer need to be submitted.

Once you have completed your online application, you can check the status of your application in TUMonline at any time.

All international applicants will find here important information about the required application documents and language certificates.

We are looking forward to your application!