Agrosystem Sciences (Master of Science)

Agricultural student examines the indoor wheat of an experiment in the climate chamber at the TUM greenhouse laboratory center in Dürnast

Do you want to face the challenges of the future in the production of food and renewable energies, the extraction of raw materials, as well as in the environmental and climate sector? To understand social and global challenges to sustainable agriculture? In the exceptional Master's program in Agrosystem Sciences you will deal with agricultural production systems, i.e. the interactions between soil, crops, livestock, technology, environment and society. Gain a profound understanding of the biological, technological and economic components of agricultural production. Flexibly deepen your knowledge in neighboring disciplines in order to build your individual profile! Learn to evaluate existing and new technologies in the context of agricultural production systems and agroecosystems and to develop solutions to problems – in the TUM's Master's program in Agrosystem Sciences!

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Agrosystem Sciences at the TUM - What makes the course so unique?

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