Agricultural Biosciences (Master of Science)

Master student in a laboratory experiment with a corn plant

How can we secure the world's food supply? How can we preserve natural resources and mitigate the effects of climate change? By studying Agricultural Biosciences at the TUM School of Life Sciences, you will become an expert with a set of skills needed to address these and other important challenges of our time.
This Master’s program offers courses in biological disciplines relevant for crop and livestock production. It integrates molecular, biochemical, physiological, genetic and genomic knowledge and quantitative and computational approaches in a unique, interdisciplinary agricultural science program. Upon graduating from the TUM study program in Agricultural Biosciences, you will be a specialist in biological research and data science. You will be well versed in a comprehensive range of methods that enables you to address and implement key innovations in agricultural biosciences. Are you interested in enhancing your knowledge and skills for a future in the fast-evolving field of agricultural sciences? Then please take a look at our new international Master’s program!

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In our webinar on May 18, 2021 you can learn more about the English-language Master's program: from the content and goals of the program to the application modalities. Students will give you an insight into studying on our campus. Join us!

Studying Agricultural Biosciences successfully: What can you expect?


Agricultural Biosciences – What makes this international master's program so unique?

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