Forestry and Wood Science (Master of Science)

Students of Forestry and Wood Science during an internship in the forest

Study forestry at the largest green campus in Germany! Deepen your knowledge of one of the most important biodiversity hotspots in the world and one of the most important renewable resources with the Master's in Forestry and Wood Science. Combine content from six different areas of specialization according to your interests and specialize in the area of your choice. Develop concepts for the conservation and management of the forest ecosystem and the sustainable use and processing of wood as a raw material. Examine and understand the value creation systems from production through to multifunctional uses to the final use of the lignocellulosic resources. Face the exciting economic, ecological and socio-political challenges of the forestry and timber industry. We equip you with the necessary knowledge, system understanding and methodological competence to successfully design sustainable forest and timber management as an expert in numerous professional fields.

Studying Forestry and Wood Science successfully: What can you expect?


Forestry and Wood Science at the TUM

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