Sustainable Resource Management (Master of Science)

International Master students on a mountain excursion

We only have one planet – endangered by climate change, loss of biodiversity, soil degradation, and air pollution. Tackle the problems of the 21st century!

In the international Master's program Sustainable Resource Management, you can deal with the sustainable use of natural resources and learn to analyze and evaluate the effects of human activity. Take on the manifold challenges of sustainable management. Develop strategies for the responsible use of our vital resources. Learn how to take social and political aspects into account. We will help you to develop your soft skills and your own competence profile, and you can specialize in two disciplines.

Learn to understand the complex system of sustainability with all its economic, ecological and social dimensions and how to design it with interdisciplinary approaches – study Sustainable Resource Management at TUM!

Studying Sustainable Resource Management successfully: What can you expect?



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