Examination information for lecturers

Examination information for lecturers at TUM Campus Weihenstephan

Change in examination forms winter term 2021/22

Due to the Corona Pandemic, it is temporarily possible to change the examination form of existing modules in the winter term 2021/22.

Procedure for changing the form of examination

The change of the examination format should be announced as early as possible, but at the latest 14 days before the examination date, in order to enable the students to prepare adequately. The change of the examination format has to be decided by the examination board in consultation with the examiners.

With regard to the recommendations of the Board of Teaching of 21.01.21 (see also wiki.tum.de/pages/viewpage.action ) regarding changes in examination format, please refer in advance to the "Manual on changing the examination format (§ 13a APSO)" and the information from the current TUM CST lecturer newsletter ("Alternatives to face-to-face teaching examination options in the winter semester 20/21").

Please contact the following mail address with the desired type of examination you would like to change to: qm.co.wzw[at]tum.de 

Please do not forget the description of the new examination form which will be inserted in the module description for the winter term 2021/22. From summer term 2022, the original examination form will apply again.


Information on how to conduct final exams under Corona conditions

Experimental and theoretical theses (Bachelor, Master) can be registered and carried out, provided that the general measures of infection protection can be observed. Whether the measures can be complied with in specific cases is checked and decided by the directors of the respective institutions.

The most important measure is to remember that a distance of at least 1.5 m is required wherever possible and is valid at all times. In addition, the appropriate use of a mouth and nose protector is recommended. Furthermore, it must be ensured and confirmed when registering for work that no delays in the performance of the work will occur due to compliance with the current infection protection measures. 

The heads of the chairs/facilities are responsible for the optimal supervision of the work, the observance of the hygiene measures and the execution of the thesis without delays.

Thesis Upload Portal

As of November, students will be able to register their theses digitally via our thesis portal and will also submit their theses via this portal. As an examiner, you will be able to view ongoing theses and to download the finished theses. You can find detailed instructions for the portal here.

Thesis evaluation

The thesis evaluation should usually take place no later than 6-8 weeks after submission of the thesis. Please use one of the following forms for the evaluation and send it (including the title page) to the Campus Office (thesis.co[at]ls.tum.de).

Evaluation of bachelor's thesis

Evaluation of master's thesis

Evaluation of thesis – degree Master brewer ('Diplombraumeister')