Forest Ecosystems

Forest ecosystem are vital to life on Earth, as they provide numerous services to society, such as timber, non-timber products, as well as clean air and water. Forests also have important regulating functions for the global climate system, and are significant hot spots for biodiversity. Despite their relevance for human wellbeing, forest ecosystems globally are under increasing pressure from land use and climate change. There is thus need for developing novel management approaches that adapt forests to an uncertain future.

The aim of the research area "Forest Ecosystems" is to advance our fundamental understanding of the functioning of forest ecosystems – from the individual to biomes – and how forest ecosystems are changing in response to land use and climate change. This fundamental research helps to develop novel management strategies that sustain the important services of forest ecosystems for future generations.

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  • The Forest Condition Monitor shows the health of European forests.

    European Forest Condition Monitor

    Real-time, interactive monitoring of forest health

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  • The iconic landscape of Yellowstone National Park is characterized by vast forests that have been untouched by man but are threatened by increasing numbers of forest fires due to climate change

    How climate change and fires are shaping the forests of the future

    Tracking future forest fires with AI

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  • The importance of insects in the decomposition of wood

    Deadwood in the global carbon cycle

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Video Insights

The Amazon FACE Project

What impact does climate change have on the rainforest? (Prof. Rammig)

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The valORTree project at TUMmesa

Find out about the effects of ozone on the forest ecosystem. (Dr. Baumgarten)

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How should trees be planted to capture as much carbon as possible, and simultaneously provide plenty of space for biodiversity? (Prof. Pretzsch)

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The KranzbergROOF Project

Forest under drought stress: BR shows documentary about experiment in Kranzberg forest (Prof. Grams)

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