Nutrigenomics: Tracking down the appetite of the genes

The right nutrition is also depending on our genes. (Copyright: BLE, Bonn/ Dominic Menzler)

Diet recommendations are all the rage. Magazine covers and TV commercials herald instant slimness – and lately even health through eating. Since nutrition plays a significant role in the development of diabetes, cardiovascular...[more]


A building material with a bright future: Thick-trunk timber is better than its reputation

High-quality building products for frames and prestigious frontages are made from stem wood. (Copyright: Holzforschung München / TUM)

As winter wanes foresters are coming to the end of a work-intensive period: timber harvest time. Many forest owners wonder just how to market the freshly felled, large-diameter trunks. The problem is that thick trunks over 40 cm...[more]


Genetic diversity in rivers: Mussels and brown trout need an integrated conservation approach

Under good conditions the freshwater pearl mussel can live for 200 years. (Copyright: TUM / Jürgen Geist)

Once cherished for its precious pearls, the freshwater pearl mussel, one of the most finicky inhabitants of European rivers, has become the subject of study for ecologists. Its larvae evolve on the gills of brown trout. Pearl...[more]


No Christmas mystery: It is the elusive bitter substances that make cocoa so divine

Food chemists at the Technische Universität München have identified the substances responsible for cocoa’s distinctive taste. (Copyright: TUM/Thomas Hofmann)

Whether ginger bread men, cinnamon star cookies or Christmas flan – many Christmas goodies rely on that final pinch of cocoa to attain perfection. The brown powder’s well-balanced bitterness and full-bodied aroma does the trick....[more]


Forest risk management: Learning from the financial market crisis

The bark-beetle is causing great financial damage in monoculture of common spruce. (Copyright: TUM / Th. Knoke)

In their full autumn splendor mixed forests are a treat for the eye. Yet, to forest economists mixed forests are low-yield when compared to pure forests, e.g. spruce monocultures. Scientists at the Technische Universität München...[more]


Healthier fruits through yeast extracts: How TUM researchers are employing natural substances to improve

A model system for immune defence: cells of a callus (yellow) release bioactive polyphenoles when treated with yeast extract. (Copyright: FG Obstbau / TUM)

It sounds like every gardeners dream come true: A purely organic crop protection product that safeguards apples and pears from disease without chemicals – while at the same time improving the nutritional value of the fruits. This...[more]

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